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Services & Prices Start-Ups

Registered office
  • Hosting of the registered office
  • Receiving, scanning and redirecting mail
  • Keeping correspondence for a 6-month period
Company setup
  • Establishment of Ltd., Joint Stock and Sole proprietorship companies
  • Company name reservation
  • Document submission to the PSA and all other public institutions
  • Rubber stamp creation
  • Newly created company
  • Preparation of primary documents
  • Providing accounting payroll for up to 2 employees
  • Providing a 1C server
  • Sales volume up to 100000 MDL

Registered office

Registered office in the Republic of Moldova

One of the main problems encountered in setting up a company is finding a reasonable location in a short period of time, which would meet the minimum registration requirement. You cannot establish a company without a registered office, so this could be an obstacle in finally getting your business operation started.

Start-Ups provides you with a more efficient alternative regarding a registered office in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, suitable both for newly established local businesses that do not require a physical office and for multinational companies that need a reliable partner that would manage their operations in the Republic of Moldova.

By choosing this package, Start-Ups offers you the following benefits:
  • Registered office in the center of the city;
  • Retrieving, scanning and forwarding mail to you via email or courier services;
  • Keeping and storing mail in a safe place for up to 6 months.

Company setup

Company setup in the Republic of Moldova

The process of registering a company is rather complicated and requires a lot of time. Start-Ups sets up your company for you in the Republic of Moldova, we guarantee maximum support in the process of founding your company, which will help you save time and financial resources.

We take over the registry process and simplify it by completing the documents you need and advise you on the steps that need to be taken.

This package includes:
  • Preparation of the document package for registration;
  • Establishment of Ltd., Joint Stock and Sole proprietorship companies;
  • Registration of subsidiaries and representations of foreign companies;
  • Opening permanent/ temporary bank accounts;
  • Registration of company data at state institutions;
  • Creation of the stamp.


Accounting in the Republic of Moldova

Accounting is the basis of any successful financial activity. Start-Ups replaces the need to hire an accountant, offering you a complete range of accounting services that will help you grow your business. The accounting services provided by us are delivered by professional accountants that use the most advanced software products.

When choosing this package, Start-Ups offers you:
  • Tax advice on financial and accounting legislation;
  • Document organization;
  • Drawing up the monthly check balance;
  • Drawing up payment orders;
  • Registration for VAT purposes;
  • Filling in and processing accounting registers;
  • Registration of primary documents;
  • Making tax returns and half-yearly reports;
  • Bookkeeping and calculation of fixed assets depreciation;
  • Compilation and submission of annual and half-yearly balance sheets;
  • Establishment of payment taxes and accounting in the accounts;
  • Providing the opportunity to consult the database at the request of the clients.

Rubber stamp creation

Rubber stamp creation in the Republic of Moldova

Stamps are an indispensable tool used by a company in its day to day activities. It gives people information about your business that makes them able to contact you, and also it shows that you are a legitimate business, by giving a more attractive and official image.

Start-Ups offers services of making the whole assortment of stamps: company stamps, date stamps, signature stamps, header stamps and other kinds.

We also offer:
  • Accessories for stamps;
  • Stamp ink;
  • Complete marking solutions.